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Conveyor Engineering Shuttles
Conveyors Engineering Shuttles
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Laundry Processing Sorting
Laundry Processing Lane/ Level Select

Rome Machine & Foundry Co., established in 1907, has maintained a reputation as a leader in the design and manufacure of textile processing equipment

Quality and Experience from the Past   |   Innovation and Versatility for Tomorrow

Mobile Technology for a Century-Old Business

With mobile search volume exploding, Rome Machine’s new “one touch one click” web site literally puts the company’s factory automation "Information At Your Fingertips” for smart phones, tablets, laptops, as well as desktop computers. 



New Products – Safety Equipment

 Rome Machine’s three new barriers give managers and plant designers new tools to improve work place safety as well as increasing productivity.

The forklift barrier separates people, equipment, and products from fork lifts.  This solid obstacle insures workplace safety.



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